Makeup Tips for Summer Weddings

Summer Weddings

A wedding in India is always a grand affair. Wedding looks are always special due to awesome dressing and styling. Makeup plays the most important role in appearance. Weddings are performed in every season but summer weddings pose some challenges for makeup and styling. Bride and bride maids are the special attraction of every wedding and they cannot take any chance with their looks in scorching heat and sweaty days of summer.

Makeup Tips for Summer Weddings

Do not get tensed about looks in summer, 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness presents very useful makeup tips to beat the heat and sweat in summer.

Foundation to Canvas

Foundation application is most important in the makeup since it provides the base for further makeup. Never skip applying primer before foundation since it helps the makeup to stay long. But use oil free primer and avoid moisturizer application on face except for eyes if the skin is oily. Do not use cream based products in summer to avoid ‘chipku’ looks. In case you are using liquid foundation always settle it with brush kissed with powder to give matt look.

Eyes to Express

Always start eye make with primer application, you will find powdered eye primer in all branded eye shadow kit. After using primer give the natural look with dusting powder. Do not prefer cream based eye shadow and avoid using sparkle for daytime celebration. Cool matt shades should be preferred. Summers are sweaty, so always use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to avoid messy eyes.

Blush to Glow

Blusher high lights the face. But dark highlighting in summers will create havoc to your appearance. Blusher is important but more important is to choose light matting shades of blushers. Apply the blusher like nothing is applied but still, there is a difference in looks.






Lips to Smile

Beautifully coloured lips are indeed the highlighter of the face. Lips hold the immense power of attraction. Beautifully shaped lips shaded with matt colours will work like magic. The most important tip for the non-dried stay of lip colour is to apply either concealer/foundation or blot with tissue paper before applying compact powder. Avoid dark shades especially brown or use can light its intensity with compact powder.

Last but not least

Always carry makeup touch-up kit. Touch kit must the small packs of lip shade, face tissue, face powder or concealer those can be easily fit in handbags. Summers make your sweaty and oily, so always use the touch-up kit when your too shiny or messy in the party.

Best Makeup Tips

  1. Proper cleansing of the skin is a must before the makeup application.
  2. Massage the face gently with the ice cube covered in cotton cloth to reduce puffiness of the face.
  3. Use aloe vera in the absence of a face primer for the best finishing of makeup.
  4. Wait for three to four minutes after applying foundation for further makeup to settle down the base.
  5. Never skip the neck and back area in the makeup otherwise face will appear different from your body.

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