Seasonal Makeup Looks

Introduction –

Different season requires different make up looks, different skin care and different make tips and tricks. Each season represents separate looks and environment. There are also different weathers in every different weathers which need special looks to be for your beauty. There are different sets of opportunities for experiments on your make up looks as there are different sets of seasons. From darker makeup to lighter to heavy makeup, you can choose the one, that looks the best on you. Also applying different make up on skin requires different precautions and different care for the skin. This does not mean that you start trashing out different products from season to season. It just means that to lesser the use of some products while increase the use of others. It also helps you in to break out of your daily make up routine and get some new and fresh looks. This way, you can also judge as what colour, product and combinations looks the best on you.

Every seasons has its uniqueness in its beauty and requires unique beauty and looks as well.some beauty tips according to season wise suggested by professional team of beauty parlor in ludhiana.



There are 4 major seasons: –


  • Winters
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall



This season requires deep shades and colours in the makeup for the best looks as this season mostly requires dark shades as it suits the beauty in this season and also it gives the looks warmth. Colours such as dark violet, wine or chestnut are amongst the top dark and the best colours to choose in the cold season. These colours look best on lips and eyes. But it is recommended by the professionals of beauty academy in Ludhiana, that if you prefer a dark shade for one, i.e. either lips or eyes, then go for a lighter shade for the another one. Example, if you choose dark colour/shade for the eyes then it is better to go for the lighter shade for the lips. Don’t make all the things go dark as it also won’t look good.


The choose of shades and colour of the makeup also depends upon the size and structure of your features like eyes, nose, cheeks, face etc. If your lips or eyes are small, then it is better to go for lighter shades. If you have smaller lips, then you should not go for red bold lipstick as it won’t look good on the small lips. Just go for light brown shade or light pink shade. The colour combination of deep chocolate red with bright gold shadow is perfect to mood up your winter’s evening which gives a classic look to your beauty. A dark shade with shimmery gloss is also enough to jazz up your festive and holidays mood. Moisturising lipstick also looks good during the winters as it keeps lips moisturise and also make the lips look glossy. It looks great over the chapped /dry lips. Also don’t forget to apply moisturiser as it adds moisture to your skin in the dry months of winter and also provides glow to your beauty.






This is a beautiful season to pop out with beautiful and fresh colours. It is the season to start with a fresh and new look. Neutral colours or shades for your eyes lids is a great option to think of. Colours such as champagne pink or sheer gold is the best colour to consider. You can either look for earth-toned shadows for smoky eyes with a light pink hint. Rose pink or soft pink would be the best option for the cheeks. Bright pink with little hint of red or berry for your lips would be make extra popping effect to your beauty.



Another great option is to opt out for making lower lip grey shadowed along with a bright coral lips. This looks is good for the women with fair complexion as this combo suits them the best for spring. Adding up of black eye liner on the mower lash line will also enhance the spring looks and the top of it, you can also add black eye liner to the lower lash and smudge additional liner on the top lash line would look great.

For the women with warm skin tone, they can also choose burgundy coloured lip shade.



Skin and beauties in summers requires high care and protection as our skin gets exposed to the sun and its UV rays as well. Sun is one of the natural factor that can damage skin cells if the skin is exposed in the sun for long hours. Sunburn, tanning and darkening of skin are some of the examples for skin damage. Sun light is the rich source of vitamin D although. It is highly suggestible to include the sunscreen or sun protections (depending upon the area you live in) with SPF in your makeup routine in this hot season.

You can also look for bronzers for your skin as it helps your making skin glow and also provides the required vitality.

Colours such as gold, peach and bronze can make your eyes look fab. At the lower lid, khaki green coloured shadow can add up the effect to your eyes. Berry lip gloss also makes your lips glossy and beautiful. Although lip liner is not necessary and you can avoid it though. Instead, you can either choose liquid lip colour or gloss. Sheer lips also good to go this hot season. For Most skin tones, berry pink looks great. Try to match the lip colour with the lip liner to enhance your fresh and summer looks.







This summer is the end of the summers but still has some warmth in it. This season requires some of the updates in your makeup routine. Choose burgundy or emerald green eyeliner eye shadow with light liquid eyeliner for the perfect fall daytime. Dark brown or true black works perfect for the seasonal evening looks.

You can use bronzer too this season. For all the skin tone, copper cream to powder eye shadow is one of the best options to go with. As copper looks great for day and night both in the fall season. Keeping blush neutral, just opt for light pink or peach lipstick as it makes a great pair with the copper eye shadow.



Each season comes with unique styling and beauty requirements. It needs constant changes and updates in your makeup routine, so to keep the beauty natural, healthy and up-to-date.

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