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99 Beauty Academy: Trademark in Beauty and Wellness Industry!!

99 Beauty Academy and Salon bring a revolution in the beauty industry with a great scope for beauticians and hair designers in India. With the advancements in every field, Beauty and wellness is creating a benchmark in all business fields. 99 Offers special beauty and wellness courses to make youth of the country well educated and qualified.

In the coming years, beauty, spa and hair treatments will act as recognised and respectful professions. All we have busy and hectic lifestyles making us stressed and worn-out. Considering all requirements and busy lives, we are offering a wide range of beauty, skin care, hair styles, makeup and rejuvenating treatments. We also offers wide variety of beauty courses at the same time.


Our Mission is to explore beauty and wellness field in the industry and developing a highly trained and skilled workforce building valid standards and practices offering a quality carrier oriented education. We provide theoretical basics of concepts to students and offering real work situation practices. It will improve student’s skills and make them well prepared for real work environments.
A leading learning approach is available for the installation of personal services such as hair designing and manicures. Our beauty and wellness practices are hereby teach the students and meet the international standards of quality. The infrastructure is organised and managed accordingly with special attention to comfort, space and ergonomics. It makes easy for candidates to work freely and learn quickly.

99 Academy and Salon is one of the leading beauty and well institutes in India. In addition to this, we have special Salon organised for all people to avail our beauty, skin care, hair treatment services. Don’t need to go anywhere else. Our candidates who have learned specific courses from our academy have settled down as business entrepreneurs as well as some of them got placed in international companies. Now seek career scope in cosmetology at international and domestic levels. Join our unique and emerging courses in beauty industry and linguistics of English. It helps learners to get employed easily in the international job markets.

Avail special discount offers on hair, beauty, makeup, nails and spa treatments offered by beauty experts. We use only professional and branded products under the latest technology equipment.

Endless Industry Opportunities

With our extensive array of beauty and wellness courses in India, we are emerging more and more job opportunities for youth in beauty industry. Our beauty graduates are now held on many exciting positions within beauty industry . It includes spa/salon manager/owner, beauty product representatives, cosmetology trainer and even beauty magazine editor. It depends on the hard work and time devotion to this exciting field.

Mounting Salon Leaders

Graduating in Cosmetology and Beauty will lead to great job opportunities for a candidate. 99 Academy and Salon help a trainee to maximise their artistic potential with latest techniques and proven business strategies. Here, it is significantly improving your earning potential and prepare you well for a long term future in the beauty industry.

Get specialised in extreme beauty services including hair design, hair dresser, makeups, bridal makeups, party makeups with the leading beauty and hair salon in Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana. We seek for beauty knowledge with certification in particular beautician courses at our cosmetology institute Hoshiarpur. We also deals in major women beauty makeup services with the high quality branded products. With the team of expert of hair styles, makeups and dressings, we are best in beauty and makeup services.