Manipal Global

manipal globe It is one of the leading high quality higher education service providers in vocational beauty courses. The core team of professional lecturers and trainers helps young minds to dream big and achieve their true potential. Believing Industry relevance as the key for a career-focused education in India, we are amongst the leading education services.

We are delivering a skilled and well qualified manpower to different organizations in the field of beauty and wellness. We are updating our learning processes regularly for an affordable and flexible learning solutions supported by technology, innovation and passion as well. In order to fulfill our responsibilities, we have a professional and well qualified team continuously contributing towards building a better world.
In the beauty and wellness industry, Manipal Global is certifying candidates with the diploma courses for hair styling, bridal makeup and cosmetology. Every candidate explores respect, dignity and fairness as a beauty professional. We always deliver open, transparent and honest communication at all times.

City & Guilds

City & Guilds offers a perfect way to boost up your career in vocational courses. We enable youth to develop skills for their personal and economical growth. We are among the leading skills development organizations opening ways to succeed in industry.

We have an established best learning point to develop the required skills which actually works for going into a job, on the job as well as onto the next job.

Our core team at City and Guilds develop special learning programs, learning technologies, diploma certification and assessment programs to support leading organizations, training providers and governments. With specifications in leading vocational courses, millions of people are reaching the five continents. We serve a huge range of vocational qualifications and apprenticeships including beauty therapy to balloon artistry.