Why Should We Go For Hair Spa ?

What is Hair Spa?

Hair spa is a nourishing treatment for maintaining the health and growth of hair. It is really required due to rising pollution, unhealthy lifestyles and stressful routine. It is basically a complete hair care regime which deals with all the hair and scalp problems.

Why do we need Hair Spa?

Hair plays an important role in beautifying our personality. Healthy hair builds perfect hairstyle. For all who want shiny, bouncy, healthy, voluminous and smooth hair, need hair spa at least once in a month and ideally twice in a month. So, it is a perfect solution to all the problems of hair. And especially, if you are applying hair colour on a regular basis and underwent hair rebounding; hair spa is a must. More to that, we all face split end, damaged hair, hair loss and these all problems can be cured with some repairing and nourishing therapy. Impact of sun heat, rising pollution, and hair problems can be treated well with regular hair spa.

Advantages of Hair Spa

  1. Healthy Scalp and roots

Healthy scalp and roots are the foundation for healthy hair. Hair spa helps in strengthening the roots, weak roots mean lack of nourishment and which will results in split ends and hair fall.

  1. Increases Blood Circulation

Head massage given during hair spa will result in improving blood circulation. When blood circulation will reach all over the scalp, it will promote hair growth.

  1. Damage Repair

Hair spa is a complete hair care regime will not only help in promoting hair growth but also acts as a repair mechanism. Dull hair, split ends and damaged hair are the common problems of today; all these problems can be easily met with regular hair spas.

  1. Stress Buster

Hair spa includes cleaning, massaging and masking of hair. All the steps involved in the hair spa therapy will be a refreshing and relaxing experience. This will help in relieving the stress of your lifestyle.

  1. Maintain the pH Balance

Heat and pollution are the major reasons for disturbing the pH balance of skin and scalp both. Regular hair spa helps in maintenance as well as improving the pH balance of the skin.

  1. Best Solution to Dandruff Problems

Dandruff problem is really embarrassing for all. Dandruff is nothing but the fungal infection on our scalp, which may e a result of impurities and dryness. Hair spas involve the cleansing as well as oiling of hair which helps in keeping the hair moisturized and healthy.

  1. The solution to Rough and Frizzy Hair

Fizziness makes you look messy and unsorted. Fizziness is the common problem of summer and monsoon months. Fizziness and rough hair problem occur due to lack of proper moisturizing. Hair spa involves deep massaging and conditioning of hair, which will resolve the problem of rough and frizzy hair.

Words of Advice

Hair spa is a healthy hair care therapy which will help in making our hair beautiful, bouncy, and shiny. Knowledge, skill, and experience matter a lot, do visit 99 Salon and Spa for the best treatment. 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness is an internationally accredited and acclaimed beauty institute and center. Ninety Nine Beauty Institute is the best beauty service provider and academy to avail the best beauty service and education.