Western Looks Make-Up Ideas

Why do we need Makeup?

Best suited make-up can turn any girl into stunning Diva. A good make-up sense can create magic on your appearance. Different styles of makeup create different looks. Even regular western wear with different styles of makeup can work wonders and breaks the monotony of regular looks without giving the feel of repetition. Little variations in the shades of eye-shadow and lipstick can create magic in routine make-ups.



Amazing western Makeup Ideas

It is the time to compliment your western wear with amazing makeups to accentuate the aura of your looks. We are sharing different makeup styles for amazing looks.

  • Red Matt Lipstick with Black eyeliner and Lighter Shaded Kajal

The red color is the most suited color on all the skin tones and matt goes wonderfully well with all kinds of western wear. Apply dark black eyeliner in bold style on your eyes along with little lighter shaded Kajal to highlight the lower line of eyes. Bold and wonderful looking eyes with beautiful eye makeup will create magic with the matt red lips.



Suitability- This look is suitable to every age group.

Occasion- You can rock any evening and night party with this look and will be complimented for your look and confidence.

  • Smoky Eyes with Little Subtle Shade of Lipstick

Smoky eyes are always trending and offer a unique style statement. Smoky eyes give the bolder look to your eyes as a whole and best suited for the evening and night outs. Smoky looks of eyes make the eyes bolder and a more enlarged hence light shade of lip color should be tried.  Avoid applying eye shadow and choose the lip color suiting with your skin tone.



Suitability- This look is suitable to every age group except teenagers.

Occasion- This is the best looks for Disc and Dance parties of your office as well as of friends.


  • Golden brown Eye-Shadow and Coral Shades of Lip Color

Eye shadow in Rosewood or chocolate with the pinch of golden glitters will make your eyes spark with beauty. Bold eye- shadow in golden touch on well-shaped eyes with Kajal and eyeliner along with the lip colors in coral and punch shades of peach will make the appearance more alluring. This is the best look that will suit any kind of western wear.



Suitability- This look is suitable all the females falling in any age group.

Occasion- This is basically a party look and gives you the vibrancy and colorful aura to rock all the parties.


  • Mixing Purple or blue with pink or Fuchsia

Mixing of Purple or Blue eye-shadow with the little pinch of Pink and Fuchsia shades to gain a more vibrant and lively look. This look will make you feel more young and bubbly. Double shade eye-shadow along with the lip shades of any color in pink and magenta will work wonder and gives the feel and touch of bubbly teen looks.



Suitability- Last but not least, now comes the glamour for teenagers. This is young and colorful makeup look that all the teenagers will love to embrace.

Occasion- This teenager look will suit on every teenager for their fresher and farewell parties.


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