Women’s Empowerment Day – March 8 International Women’s Day!!

Where there is Holi Celebration in the previous week, Now 99 Institute is celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 on March 8. THE DAY IS JUST DEDICATED TO WOMEN……!! Making them special and feeling better as gender equality and women’s empowerment. In all around the globe, major organizations and celebrities organize contests and events in respect to pay some attention to the women of our lives. They have completed our lives….without women the life could be nothing. Even their sacrifices, their hard works and care make people to reach heights everywhere.

International Women's Day

So we should never forget this special day to make them special. It plays a motivational step forward to them so that their efforts go as same as it is going on. Special functions, events and enjoyable contests organizing are stepping a real worth respect for all female employees and customers. Various shop keepers always set some special discount offers for women in the entire week or for full month to pay respect and giving something in return to them…It is the day when women are respected and honored by people all around the world.

Considering the importance of every single woman in the society, we are also organizing special discount offers on our beauty services, makeup arts and bridal services… We also wish all the women this International Women’s Day for their hard work, their sacrifice and their adjusting nature for all of us.Especially Mothers… Every mother is a core backlog of every single family all around…Without them, nobody is complete…Respect women and give them surprises and gifts or appreciating them on work will make them feel special on this world festival day.  Now women are a part of every organization, every business field or working environment whether it is defense, entertainment, politics and others as well.

In order to make them special and feel progressive, we should not forget wishing them with delighting women’s day wishes. Give your best efforts to make this day joyful and happy for appreciating all special women who are important to you. Whether they are customers, clients or our near and dear ones, make them special. Likewise 99 Institute has women as its core part. Women are always eager to get professional beauty services. We are here offering special discount offers in this festival specially dedicated to women. We welcome all our female customers for our committed beauty services…..!!

Keep Smiling! Be Happy!! Be Your Self!!

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