Women of Independent India – 99 Beauty Institute

Women of Independent India. Freedom is most beautiful and empowered word of this universe. Freedom is the fundamental right of every human being. During the British rule Indian society suffered the expressive damaged on social, cultural, economic and political aspects. Along with joy of being the free nation, India has to build the strong path way to the progressive and democratic nation.

Women of Independent India

In the pathway of progression, after independence revolutionary changes took place in India, Indian constitution bestow all the citizens with the below fundamental rights

  • Equality before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of association and peaceful assembly
  • Freedom of speech and expression
  • Right to constitutional remedies for the protection of civil rights

Constitution of India empowered the Indian woman with the fundamental right of equality and advocated the government for improving the social and economical status of Woman through various legislative and social measures.  Indian women enjoy of the fundamental rights, as the Indian men do.


And also have rights under

Article 14 which provides the equality before law,

Article 15 which prevents any discrimination and

Article 16(a) which restrains the discrimination in any respect of employment of office under the state on the grounds only of religion caste, sex, descent, and place of birth, residence or any of them.

In the pathway of nation’s development we wish to join hands in the movement of progress and equality in our country and open the gateways for achieving the financial Independence.

Team of 99 institute of beauty and wellness wishes and celebrates the Independence Day with great spirit. We are also trying to contribute in achieving the financial Independence of our youth with the great schemes and discounts on the various Beauty Courses. We invite all the aspiring students to get enrolled and avail 20% discounts on the admission in all the beauty courses in the month of our Independence.Happy Independence Day 2018