Treat Tan In Summer

Summers- Long Sunny Days

Summers bring long days and long vacations. Summer vacation is the best time to take the long awaited break with family and friends. All need the break from hectic schedules, work pressure,and same daily routines. Beach parties, outdoor fun filled activities, rain parties, and trekking with the family and friends are possible in summer only. All these outdoor activities causes threat as they tan our skin due to direct exposure to sun heat. Avoiding tan is impossible so let us face it and treat it. Do not worry about tanning and have look at amazing Tan treating remedies that will prove useful for getting rid of sun tanning.  Do spend money and time on the De tan facials as it will surely payback with better and healthy skin.







Tan treating Facial Masks

We are sharing some very simple yet useful tan treating remedies from the commonly used grocery items of our Indian Kitchens only.

  1. Gram flour, turmeric, milk cream,and rose water

Take a Gram flour in the bowl and add a pinch of turmeric. Now add fresh milk cream and rose water. Make a fine paste of gram flour, turmeric and mil cream,and rose water and apply on your skin evenly. Rinse with fresh water after 15 minutes. This remedy will not only treat tanning but also the impurities of your skin.

  1. Oat and fresh Milk Cream

Take the oats and fresh cream in the bowl. Use as a scrub on the tanned skin. Massage in an upward circular motion and rinse with fresh water. This reedy will make your face to shed of dead skin and make a room for fresh skin.

  1. Cucumber, lemon and Aloe Vera

Take cucumber juice and lemon juice in the bowl and add the fresh Aloe Vera in the mixture. This solution is a medicinal treatment to treat sun burns along with the tanning. This remedy is a solution not only for tanning but for treating acne nd aging also.

  1. Orange juice, curd and Masoor Dal

Take powder of Masoor Dal and add the curd and Orange Juice. In the absence of orange juice, lemon juice or tomato juice can also be used. Make a fine paste by mixing all the ingredients and evenly apply on the face. Rinse with fresh water after 15 minutes. This is a perfect solution for enlighting and brightening skin.

  1. Honey, lemon and Turmeric

Mix the lemon juice and honey. Add a pinch of turmeric and apply on the face. Wait for at least 20 minutes and wash with fresh water. This is more of remedy and less of the mask and you can apply this on every alternative day to sooth your skin.

  1. Sandal wood powder and rose water

Take sandal wood powder and make a paste by adding the rose water. Apply this cooling and soothing mixture on your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash with fresh water. The most soothing and refreshing facial treatment.

  1. Curd and Turmeric

Take a hung curd and add the pinch of turmeric. Apply the paste on the face and wash with fresh water after 15 minutes. This remedy uses only two ingredients which are available in all the house.




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