Cool Tips to Follow This Summer Season

Indian summers are never welcomed due to its hot and sweaty sunny days. Honestly Sun is not a fun in hot summers as sun makes our skin dull, oily, tanned and itchy. All we dream of in summers are dark clouds, rainy days and cool breeze. But all we need to be real and develop simple yet important habits in the summers.

Follow Few Tips in This Summer Season

Cool Tips1. Clean the face twice a day to remove the dirt, oil and impurities from the skin , Always use the gentle face wash with PH balance
2. Never forget to use the toner on the face after cleansing , Apply the toner on cotton pad and wipes the face gentle to prevent the clogging the pores .
3. Always wear the sun protection before going out in the sun. Apply oil free moisturizer with sufficient SPF at least 20 minutes before going out to get best benefited.
4. Use sweat proof makeup and always use primer before applying make up to make it stay for long. Prefer bright and light shades instead of dark shades.
5. Stay hydrated and drinks more water as sweat makes the body to loose body fluids. In summers it better to cut down the intake of coffee, tea and soft drinks and better to replace theses with coconut water, butter milk and fresh fruit juices. Make a habit to carrying a bottle of water while going out.
6. Wear cotton clothes to enable your skin to breathe. To prevent skin damage use umbrella and hat while going under the sun and cover your eyes with shades to protect from redness and itchiness.
7. Avoid unhygienic street food in summers .We are more prone to the infections in summer due to fast growth of bacteria and fungus. So eat healthy and live healthy.
8. Don’t go out without wearing a good fragrance. Apply unscented moisturizer before applying a body mist or fragrance to stay it for longer.

Home made Cool TipsSummers will get hotter day by day and what we need to do is to keep us hydrated, cool and calm. Keep reading our blogs for latest information and news updating on the trends in the society. 99 Institute – Beauty Academy and Salon is always pleased to offer summer facial therapies, massage trends and hair care services at our beauty salon situated in almost all regions of Punjab. In this summer season, we are offering special discount offers on beauty and makeup services in India.

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