Celebrating International Day of Happiness 2018

Maintain Lovely Smile with Beautiful Lips 

20 March 2018 – International Day of Happiness 2018

Lips are the most beautiful and lovely feature of one’s personality. Beautiful lips with the smile on them can captivate your senses by stealing your heart and freezing the gaze. Lips have their own language. They do not need words for expressing their feelings. Perking, pouting, biting, licking, biting and smiling are the different expressions of their feeling of love, boldness, joy, anger and disagreement.

Happiness_DayLips are the most beautiful but delicate part of our skin and more vulnerable to damage. Harsh cosmetics, sun heat, UV rays and polluted air can cause lips to lose their natural beauty and color and make them dark, dry and cracked

Expert team of 99 Institute – Beauty Academy and Salon is sharing few useful tips to regain beautiful, plump and kissable lips. Best Beauty Services are available at discount offers from 99 Institute on this happiness day. So rush it now for our discount packages on all beauty services.

  • Prefer lipstick that moistures your lips also. Lipsticks with Shea butter, Vitamin E and essential oils.
  • Prefer lipsticks which are herbal. Chemicals can make lips dull and dry.
  • Prefer lipstick with sufficient SPF to protect them in sun
  • Avoid licking the lips, salvia can dry out lips and can lead to dark lips.
  • Use natural lip balm regularly to keep and lock the moisture.
  • Prefer natural home made scrub to exfoliate lips for example- rub in circular motion olive oil and crushed sugar on your lips.
  • Keep your body, skin and lips hydrated by drinking water.

Wishing you a beautiful smile to all on this auspicious occasion of International Day of Happiness 2018 and spread happiness all around with lovely lip care for beautiful, luscious and kissable pink lips.

So all we can say    “Smile because it is the second best thing you can do with your lips”

First best things may be eating or may be kissing …..Keeping a choice open for our viewers.