Amazing Skin Care herbal tips for kids

Summer and Kids

Summers are hot and harsh and our kids are delicate. Ultra violet rays, sun heat and pollution impacts the gentle skin of our kids and makes it dull and tanned. More to that it is also not advisable to use beauty products on kids. And in summers, due to pollution, dirt and dust, we all need to do the special care for our skin. We cannot apply the cosmetic products on their skin due to the chemical base as chemical based skin care products are harmful to the skin.

Best Herbal Skin Care Remedies for Kids


Old and tested skin care herbal tips that are being followed by Indian mothers since ages to keep away their children from chemical based cosmetics. Our kitchen garden is full of magical and remedial products. An expert team of 99 Beauty academy of Ludhiana shares the very useful and skin friendly herbal tips.


Skin Cleansing


Cleansing of skin with adult beauty products is not recommendable. Raw milk, almond oil and coconut oil are the best skin cleansing products. Raw Milk is the best cleanser for all the skin types in all the seasons. Almond oil and coconut oil are best for dry skin types and winter season. Simply dip the cotton pad into the milk or oil and wipe out the dirt. It will not only cleanse your skin but also ensure the nourishment.


Skin Moisturizing

Skin moisturizing is very important to keep the skin supple and soft.  Coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil are very good natural moisturizers for the delicate skin of the kids. Olive oil for the in India is recommended only in winters. Coconut oil can be used in all the seasons.





Sun protection in hot summers


You cannot restrict your kid from going out in the sun. Do not stop your kid from going out but protect the skin of your kid with sun shield. Rose petals extract with glycerin and lemon juice is the best skin care remedy for sun protection. Rose petal extract and lemon juice work miraculously for sun tanning. Glycerin will provide the protective layer to the skin.

Skin Nourishment


Skin nourishment is the basic requirement of every skin type. A mixture of Gram flour with milk cream or almond oil is a wonderful remedy which can serve both purposes i.e cleansing and nourishment. So pamper the delicate skin of your kid with time tested home remedies.



Keep Body Hydrated



Proper intake of water is must in summers to keep the body hydrated. Fluid level in the body dose not keep the body healthy but also adds a glow to the skin. Along with water, fresh fruit juice, and coconut water should also given to kids to retain the energy of body.




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